Our mission is to bring mental health education and awareness to the Fishers community. We want to make it easier to learn about mental health topics.

Click the buttons below to find a plethora of educational resources about varying facets of mental health and many common mental illnesses.

Most of these resources have been made by professionals. For content by students visit our blog section.

Mental Health Helplines

These helplines exist for crisis support.

  • 1-800-662-HELP (4357)- Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Helpline
  • 800-273-8255- National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Featured Resources

Types of Mental Health Care

This resource explains the different kinds of mental health care and treatment patients can seek. Created by Molly Kirwan and Andrew Wooddell of the Community Health Network School Based Porgram.

Tips for Virtual Learning During COVID-19

This info-graphic covers tips for mental health and productivity during virtual learning. Created by Susan Cantin, LCSW, a therapist at Hamilton Southeastern Intermediate/Junior High.

Anxiety Misconceptions and Coping Mechanisms

Josh Brown discusses a common and intriguing misconception about anxiety, and how you can cope with anxiety in a powerful way!

Diagnostic And Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5th Edition (DSM-5)

CAUTION: This is a big PDF! This manual published by the American Psychiatric Association provides information about all kinds of mental disorders, many of which are little known. Great for learning about the field or those who are interested in working in the mental health field one day!

Tips For Supporting Friends/Family Members With Mental Illness

Here is a great, brief resource with tips on supporting those struggling with their mental health.

Suicide Warning Signs

While this knowledge will hopefully never be necessary, it is very important to be aware of these warning signs. It could save a life. We encourage everyone to read about this subject.

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