Here you can access our blog posts! We will be posting a wide variety of compelling mental health content from a variety of authors. Unchained Brain team members will be writing some posts while others will be written by mental health professionals and students in the Fishers Community!

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Oh, I’m Not Hungry

Disclaimer: This post contains content about eating disorders that may be harmful or traumatizing to some readers. Written by an anonymous community member.    11 years old. I’m at the doctor’s office, the nurse has done the usual poking and prodding, and when the pediatrician returns, she looks at my mother, empathy dripping from herContinue reading “Oh, I’m Not Hungry”

“You need help”

 By Hannah Brown   “You should get some help.” I feel like at one point or another we have all been told this. Whether it’s been during an emotional breakdown, someone making a weird joke, or during an angry outburst, you likely have heard those words.  At the time we may have taken some personalContinue reading ““You need help””

“Masculinity and Mental Illness”- Student Blog Post

This blog post was written and submitted by Fishers High School senior Jack Bakle. Jack shares some of his thoughts and experiences relating to mental health and masculinity in this post. “It’s okay to not be okay.” “Sometimes the best therapy is to talk about it.” “Tomorrow will be a better day.”           These areContinue reading ““Masculinity and Mental Illness”- Student Blog Post”

Let’s Talk Equity: Racial Disparities in Mental Health Treatment

Written by Mustafaa Munir, a student of neuroscience In the past several years, you most likely have encountered work against mental health stigma. And in the past several months, you also most likely have encountered work against systemic racism – on social media, in class, and blog posts like this. I’m here to tell youContinue reading “Let’s Talk Equity: Racial Disparities in Mental Health Treatment”

Some Thoughts On Stigma.

Author: Kamryn Dean, Unchained Brain Executive The definition of stigma is “a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person”. Stigma is essentially judgement, bias, or negative misunderstanding. In all honesty I believe it wasn’t until around my sophomore year of high school that I learned the definition of this word, butContinue reading “Some Thoughts On Stigma.”

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