Our mission is to bring accessible, understandable mental health education and support to the Fishers community. We aim to do this by curating easily understood educational materials and by building a partially student-led platform that helps students seek professional help and share mental health testimonies.

Our History

In the midst of a struggle with Obsessive-Compulsive disorder, FHS senior Josh Brown was disheartened to see the lack of understanding most people had of this particular mental illness, due to the fact that his own lack of understanding about OCD is what caused him to go undiagnosed for far too long. After a vulnerable conversation he had with his friend, Kamryn Dean, about his frustrations, the two of them dreamt up the concept of what would become known as Unchained Brain.  It was intended to be a public awareness campaign focused on increasing understanding about a wide range of mental illnesses. The two seniors especially desired to draw attention to mental illnesses that were less frequently discussed and lesser understood. The fact that only 43 percent of people with a mental illness receive treatment is something that both Dean and Brown found to be abhorrent and unacceptable. Through increasing understanding surrounding any and all mental illnesses, supplying people the knowledge necessary to recognize symptoms in themselves and in others, the two young men believed more people could be driven to seek treatment.

Our Team

Josh Brown

Executive Officer, Co founder, Website Co-executive

Josh Brown is a senior at Fishers High School. He runs cross country and distance track and is a part of mock trial and We the People. Due to his mental health struggles, he has a passion for educating others and working to reduce the stigma around mental illness.

Kamryn Dean

Executive Officer, Co founder, Website Co-Executive

Kamryn Dean is a senior at Fishers High school. He runs
Track and participates in Mock Trial and DECA. Kamryn has a passion for bringing awareness to mental health issues at Fishers and it is his hope that Unchained Brain’s efforts will help people better understand and manage their own mental health while better supporting those around them who are impacted by mental illness as well.

Abigail Garrison

Executive Officer, Social Media Executive

Abigail Garrison is a senior at Fishers High School. She has made it her goal to help others in any way she can, through her involvement with Riley Dance Marathon, National Honor Society, and Bring Change to Mind. Abigail hopes that by working with Unchained Brain she can expand mental health education to not just being taught in health classes but everywhere, specifically on social media. She hopes that students will be able to rely on the educational content and resources that are provided by Unchained Brain.

Molly Venus

Executive Officer, Communications Executive

Molly Venus is a senior at Fishers High School. She strives to make the world a better place through her fundraising and recruitment efforts for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Students of the Year program and is involved with the school’s National Honors Society. By working with Unchained Brain she wants to continue to fight the stigma against mental illnesses and hopes to provide a safe and educational space for anyone in the community who is looking for help.

Hannah Brown

Social Media Co-Executive

Hannah Brown is a freshman at Fishers High school. Hannah runs cross country and hopes to become connected with the FHS student body and work to better it through her efforts with Unchained Brain.

Joe Conde

Executive Officer, Research Executive

Joe Conde is a senior at Fishers High school. Through his participation in mock trial, speech and debate, and position as the school’s National Honor Society President, Joe has strove to become more connected with the student body at Fishers. He hopes that by working with Unchained Brain, stigma against mental illness can be addressed and combated among all students and faculty at Fishers High School.

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