Bringing educational, accessible mental health advocacy and support to the Fishers community.

Our mission is to bring light to mental health and help those struggling. We provide free resources and help connect students to professionals.

Our Website is still being developed so please be sure to check back often for updates. We are expanding and have a lot of cool things planned!

What we believe in


Mental Health resources should be easily accessible to all. You shouldn’t have to do too much research to find help that works for you.


Mental health should be treated just like physical health. Many mental illness are misunderstood or little known, but this does not make them unimportant.


We believe in fostering a community where people are able to share their experiences. without judgement. 

What we offer

  • Educational resources compiled by our team and local mental health professionals
  • Directories and contact information for mental health professionals
  • Helpful tips for seeking help from professionals and navigating conversations involved
  • Blog posts with student contributions
  • Discussion opportunities and testimony sharing for mental health support in our FHS community

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Mental Health Blog

“Masculinity and Mental Illness”- Student Blog Post

This blog post was written and submitted by Fishers High School senior Jack Bakle. Jack shares some of his thoughts and experiences relating to mental health and masculinity in this post. “It’s okay to not be okay.” “Sometimes the best therapy is to talk about it.” “Tomorrow will be a better day.”           These areContinue reading ““Masculinity and Mental Illness”- Student Blog Post”

Let’s Talk Equity: Racial Disparities in Mental Health Treatment

Written by Mustafaa Munir, a student of neuroscience In the past several years, you most likely have encountered work against mental health stigma. And in the past several months, you also most likely have encountered work against systemic racism – on social media, in class, and blog posts like this. I’m here to tell youContinue reading “Let’s Talk Equity: Racial Disparities in Mental Health Treatment”